FAQ about site development

Why Weltkind?

Do not be tempted by the suggestions that the website will be made for you quickly, inexpensively and at the same time with high quality. It doesn’t happen!

If you are promised a product as soon as possible for little money:

In the best case , at the output you will receive a free template that will be installed on a free engine. An experienced marketer will immediately notice that the cost of your site is a penny. How well will this affect your image? In addition, products of this quality are easily hacked and infected with viruses.

In the worst case , you will pay an advance, and at the end you will receive an unfinished product that will only be thrown away and debited.

Do you want to become a victim of such performers who take little money for their services and then disappear? There is no desire to hear long beeps on the phone every time, trying to find out how work is progressing on your order?

Then come to us!

What CMS do you work for?

We DO NOT use known to many CMS such as: Joomla, DLE, Drupal, Bitrix, etc. due to the very poor quality of their components and the heavy load that they create on the database.

All our projects are developed on frameworks: Laravel5, ZendFramework1, Symfony3.

Since 2015, the bulk of our projects have been implemented on the Laravel5 framework. In our blog, we described in detail why we chose this framework.

How much does a site cost?

Since each project has its own distinctive features, there is no standard for evaluating until all the specifics of the work ahead are clarified.

In agile mode, the cost of one hour of our developers' work is from 15-20 $ per hour, depending on the complexity of the project and the qualifications of the «rented» developer.

As practice shows, the cost of a site is rarely lower than $ 1000 . This price includes: development of technical specifications taking into account all the wishes of the client, drawing up a contract, development of a unique, non-template, design, usability scheme, layout, integration with the Laravel framework as standard.

You can learn more about this in the Rates

Why so expensive?

Prices are lower than ours, other studios can offer you and only due to significant savings on the quality of the final product. «Manufacturers» of cheap sites, as a rule, use ready-made design templates, free SMS and components, sell the services of unskilled specialists, etc.

In such cases, the poor quality of the final product is visible with the naked eye even to an inexperienced Internet user. If the business processes in your company allow the availability of products of poor quality, and you are not afraid of a negative reaction from your audience, then it is quite acceptable to use the services of such studios.

And we work with those who first of all appreciate professionalism, quality and our own image .

What is the warranty on your products?

Warranty case – all bugs and errors identified during the operation of the software, the fault of which lies with the executor; software flaws and incorrect behavior, provided that the correct behavior in the terms of reference for the contract is explicitly described.

Response time:
  • During the first year: the reaction time to report a problem is 3 business days.
  • During the second year: the reaction time for reporting a problem is 7 working days.
  • Next, the reaction time is 20 business days.
Non Warranty Cases:
  • The warranty does not cover problems caused by the transfer of software to other servers.
  • Warranty is void if you make changes to the product code yourself.
  • The Contractor cannot guarantee the correct display of the site in browsers that did not exist at the time of the development of the website.
  • The warranty does not apply to third-party libraries used in the development of a software product, the use of which was agreed in the terms of reference on the terms «As is»
  • Development of a new functionality that is not explicitly specified in the statement of work, of course, cannot be a guarantee case))))
  • The warranty is withdrawn, one year after the delivery of the website, if you remove the icon of our company (and the link to our website) from the main page.

If your problem is not guaranteed, we reserve the right to invoice for the time spent on diagnosing the problem.