Classified ads for real estate "My dwelling"

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Our contribution: Turnkey Website

Technologies: Ajax, ZendFramework, CMS Zendy, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery

Date of development: October 2015

So, a large-scale project "My Housing" was launched - an ad site specializing in real estate. A more convenient and functional website for posting and searching for real estate ads on the KG zone is not available. Before us there were not a few hard tasks for implementing the most convenient, functional and at the same time very easy to use bulletin board.

The customers of this site is the popular in our market newspaper "My dwelling", which at the time of the development of the site had a huge database of real estate ads. The main emphasis and uniqueness lies in the fact that the functionality of this site is designed for the separation of ads from real estate owners and intermediaries, it is possible to identify those cases where intermediaries submit ads, indicating that they are owners, due to this, each ad is carefully moderated, also the site has convenient navigation and thoughtful form of search for ads, which allows the client to find in the shortest time what he needs, including such parameters as:

- Search for announcements made by owners of real estate

- Filter by region, area and city

- Filtering by type of real estate (houses, apartments, plots, etc.)

- Number of rooms

- Area

- Price range in soms and dollars

- Display only those ads where there are photos

When submitting an advertisement for each of the types of real estate and the way of realization (sale, rent), unique forms of adding an advertisement were developed, which allowed to implement an expanded form of search, for example:

On the main page we placed hot ads, news, articles and analytics, and also developed a unique average price counter per square meter for the sale and rental of apartments, which can be filtered into the following categories: region, series, number of rooms, condition.

In addition to all the above, the following functional is implemented:

- separate registration of companies providing real estate services

- sites for the implementation of various products that have their own unique forms of submitting an advertisement

- a separate section for announcements from construction companies

- possibility of exchange

- online payment and payment through terminals for prolongation of an announcement, withdrawal to a hot one, posting of a newspaper advertisement, etc.

- possibility of filing a complaint to the moderator for inaccurate information in the announcement

- the possibility of convenient moderation of each advertisement, photos and videos

- information modules for publishing news

And many many others.