Operation principles

We always use the following principles:


  • Each customer deserves unique design of the website
  • Design must follow mission and views of a customer
  • Website should be intuitively understandable, have ergonomic design and provide a user the shortest way to obtain the information. We strictly follow “three clicks” rule, when the user can receive any information on the website using not more than three clicks.
  • We thoroughly develop usability and script of user’s behavior on the website. Using this information we build a scheme of key blocks and navigation system.
  • Design should be modern, understandable, visually pleasing and comfortable to a user. In the modern world minimum of italicized, bold and increased fonts are considered to be the features of high quality website. This provides visual comfort while using the website. In addition, you will increase the amount of people that will visit the website.




  • We strictly follow encoding standards W3C (DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional и DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict).
  • We use only block and semantic layout
  • Our layout is already SEO-oriented, it contains correct title structure and other semantic tags.
  • The entire layout is checked on identity with the widely-used browsers such as Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and higher, Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, Opera 8 and higher, Google Chrome, Safari, Netscape Navigator.
  • Our layout is optimized for every monitor resolution. You will not find any “defects” of the web pages caused by low-quality layout.


Developing program’s component:


  • While choosing the technology of development we use only verified solutions
  • Majority of our projects are based on our CMS Nexus 2.0 and Zendy (ZendFramework), which provide our customer with great variety of ideas and technical flexibility of project realization.
  • Program code of our products is written the way it will be checked by leading specialists in software development.
  • While writing the code we follow object-oriented programming and verified practices of architecture construction, described GoF, MVC and DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself)
  • We strictly follow code writing standards approved by ZendFramework developers and PHP.
  • We follow low connecting modular architecture in the application development.


Due to our working principals our products:


  • convenient and memorable
  • Do not contain any mistakes like “floating” angles, fonts that do not fit the margins and some other mistakes that can affect the image of the customer.
  • presented similarly in all browsers and monitor with different resolutions
  • perceived easily by searching machines with minimal efforts of SEO-optimizer which helps the customer increase the amount of visitors of the website
  • Hold high level of security and fault-tolerance and can work constantly in case of high loading and DDOS attacks


We value our reputation, that was achieved by years of hard work and commitment. Therefore, we never use:


  • Unverified scripts from strange developers
  • Somebody else’s CMS with open codes that are potentially vulnerable
  • Already made template of web designs
  • Somebody else’s layout

Because of careful attention to our reputation we do not start the projects with low budget that will eventually bring damage to the quality of their final version.


We practice agile programming as well as more commonly used programming projects with fixed price for businesses.



Every year this type of programming acquires more and more popularity in the Western countries. Unfortunately, it is not that widely used in our Kyrgyz market.

The main advantage of this programming is that you “rent” the person, who will be working on your project.

Therefore, you will not be limited in the opportunities, so that you can create new ideas and see how they are implemented in practice while working on the project. In agile the payment corresponds to the time, that the “rented” specialist spent on working with you. The payment is made every week based on the hourly wage of the specialist.

However, agile programming has one disadvantage. We cannot say in advance the amount of time that will be spent on working with you and tell the exact price of the entire project.

Basic Scheme:

We usually work using basic scheme:

  1. We send you the application form, where you fully describe the functionality of your future project.
  2. After application processing and interview, the technical side of the project will be developed. This is when we will describe the requirements to the functionality and design of the website. Here we will establish the deadline for the project and its overall cost that will not be changed in the future.
  3. After contract signing we develop design of the website, we will start working on the draft of the website while constantly consulting with you. Eventually, you will receive desired design of the website.
  4. We “cut” the design and start developing programming and technical side. This is the biggest part of the project, where your participation is not necessary.
  5. We turn in the project and we can teach you or your colleagues the basic skills of CMS for personal management of the content of the website.

The advantage of this scheme is that you see the final price of the entire project. One of the relative disadvantages is the limitations at that are imposed by technical requirements on realization of new ideas that can appear in the working process.