• How much does the website cost?

    The price of the website is determined by the amount of work that was used while designing and programming the website.

    Each project has its own unique details and there are no specific standards of evaluation and there is no fixed price.

    In agile regime depending on the complicacy of the project and qualification of the designer one hour of work costs $15-$20 per hour.

    In practice, the price is rarely below $1000. It includes development of technical side using wishes and desires of a customer, contract making, and development of unique design, development of usability scheme, layout, and integration with our CMS in basic case.

  • Why is it so expensive?

    If you think that our prices are too high, we can assure you that our prices are the lowest one for the service of such high quality in Kyrgyzstan. We are constantly monitoring the market of web designs and making corrections, so that our prices remain competitive with other companies of the same level of professionalism.

    Prices below ours can be offered by other companies by lowering the quality of final website. “Producers” of cheap websites use templates, free CMS and its components, provide low level specialist and etc. In this case low quality website can be seen easily even by inexperienced internet user. If business processes in your company allow the usage of low quality products, and if you are not worried about negative reaction of your customers, then it is possible to use services of such web designing companies. However, we work only with those who value high level of professionalism, quality and its public image.

  • How long does it take to create a web site?

    The time limit depends on the specificity of the project. Design of the website with minimum bundling takes not less than 3 weeks. It includes development of usability scheme, design, layout and integration with CMS.
  • What is CMS?

    Content management system allows staffs of your organization edit information on your website without having any previous experience working with html and php.
  • What kind of CMS do you use?

    All our projects we develop using our own CMS, so that we can guarantee quality and fault-tolerance of each system component.

    We do not use famous CMS such as Joomla, DLE, Drupal due to low quality of their components and big load of work that they impose on database.

    Till recently we were using CMS Nexus 2.0. It was separate and newly developed branch of CMS Nexus, first version of which was developed by Russian Programmer Peter Panov in 2005.

    Starting from 2010 all of our projects are developed using our own CMS Zendy, which was created on the base of ZendFramework – new framework presented by PHP creators.